The crossover now comes in an even more adventurous version. The ASX Outdoor has the off-road vocation as a series item, bold design and a size that can comfortably accommodate the entire family, whether on city tours or even to venture through beautiful landscapes.

With the new look, the front bumper is graffiti-gray finished, further highlighting the off-road appearance. The wheels are made of graphite grayaluminum with ATR 16 “tires, even more suited for 4×4. The black mask lights reinforce the crossover look.

“We have done a lot of development work for the recalibration of the whole suspension system, also perfecting the shock absorbers and springs. This has made ASX Outdoor even more off-road. The set was more complete with the ATR tires of 16 “, suitable for those who like to face the tracks,” says Reinaldo Muratori, engineering and planning director of Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil. “This does not mean that the vehicle is only for use off-road. We were careful to leave it suitable for all kinds of use, whether on the off-road or touring the family through the cities and highways, “he adds.

The ASX Outdoor brings all the advantages of an SUV with the comfort of a stroller: it is compact, but with long wheelbase, has large internal space, has a high driving position, and a high rigidity Ring Type structure .

The adventurous look is everywhere. The vehicle receives graphite gray details such as the new front grille, fog lamp frame, door handle, exterior mirror trim and wheel flare. The central bottom of the front and rear bumper is painted in black color.

On the sides, the air extractors are also graphite gray and receive the integrated direction indicator light. The roof rack was developed especially for the ASX Outdoor, and leaves the vehicle with an even more off-road look.

At the rear, the lanterns are LED and are finished with darkened lenses. The graphite gray bumper and gets two hooks in the color of the vehicle, which can assist in off-road trails.

Inside, the seats were given a new finish, making the interior more comfortable. The ASX Outdoor comes with multimedia system, which has a frame in Black Piano, and is equipped with DVD, MP3 Player, AM / FM radio, bluetooth with audio streaming, plus USB and auxiliary input. The central part of the instrument panel and console details are in graphite graycolor.

The ASX Outdoor is equipped with the most modern. The engine, produced in Brazil, is a 2.0L of 4 cylinders and 16 valves, with variable control MIVEC, and 160 cv. It has head and block manufactured in ultralight aluminum. The traction is 4×4 and the transmission is five-speed manual.


The Mitsubishi Motors SUV gains exclusive elements and brings automatic transmission with Sports Mode, new wheels, 3.2-liter diesel engine, modern Super Select 4WD traction system, plus technology, comfort and plenty of room for the whole family.

The Mitsubishi Pajero, which carries all the Mitsubishi Motors 4×4 DNA in its name, has just won a new version, with an even more sporting and adventurous look. The Pajero Outdoor has exclusive elements, which provide robustness without losing all the off-road capacity, comfort and technology, characteristics of the Pajero family.

This SUV has unique bumper in vehicle color and black mask headlights. In addition, various items are painted in graphite gray, such as door trim, radiator grille, door handles, front and rear wheel case frame and the bumper bumper. The roof rack is black in color and the airfoil is integrated into the back cover.

In the interior, the seats have a premium coating and the door handles are chrome plated. The steering wheel comes with autopilot command, plus height adjustment. The vehicle has AM / FM radio, CD player with MP3 and Bluetooth, USB input and front auxiliary.

The new wheels feature a unique 17-inch, graphite-colored alloy design with 265/65 R17 tires. At the rear, the lanterns are in Crystal Sharp Design and the top frame of the board is in graphite color.

The Pajero Outdoor comfortably carries the whole family and is able to tackle the most difficult off-road situations thanks to the complete reduced traction system.

Technology and practicality are present in the details of Pajero Outdoor. In addition to all the comfort, the vehicle is ideal for long journeys, since it is equipped with a fuel tank of 90 liters, providing much more autonomy. The capacity of the trunk can reach 1,805 liters.

With a turning radius of 5.6 meters, the Pajero Outdoor is versatile in any situation, allowing curves and maneuvers with ease. For the even greater comfort of the driver and passengers, the vehicle has 24 objects carrier distributed by the vehicle, two 12V sockets and 12 courtesy lights that guarantee better visibility inside.

Strength and endurance

Robust on the outside and docile at the wheel. The Pajero Outdoor is equipped with a 3.2-liter, 16-valve inline four-cylinder diesel engine, common-rail direct injection, turbocharger and intercooler, delivering 180 hp at 3,500 rpm and 373 Nm at 2,000 rpm.

The Mitsubishi Pajero’s technology allows for up to 20 gear combinations, making this SUV a perfect vehicle to ride in large cities and diverse terrain. The five-speed automatic transmission is equipped with Sports Mode and INVECS-II (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicles Electronic Control System), which collects information on the driver’s driving style, including how to accelerate and brake, and adapts automatically, making it even more enjoyable to drive in any situation. The driver can choose the sequential mode Sports Mode, where the gear shift is done manually, through the lever.

Off-road complete

The off-road vocation is standard on this SUV thanks to the modern Super Select 4WD traction system with four distinct modes of selection: 4×2 (2H), 4×4 (4H), 4×4 locked (4HLc) and 4×4 locked with reduced (4LLc) .

In 2H mode, the SUV operates only with rear-wheel drive, and is recommended for both urban and highway use, giving fuel economy a premium. The 4H mode makes the vehicle distribute the four-wheel drive force, ideal for roads and wet floors with low grip.

Already in 4HLc mode, the traction will be working all the time on all four wheels with the center differential locked and is recommended for off-road situations. The 4LLc mode will also feature four wheel drive with the center differential locked and reduced, where full force is required, such as obstacle transposition.

The measurements confirm the entire off-road vocation of the model. The input angle is 36º, output 25º, in addition to a maximum capacity of 35º. They are 215 mm of free height of the ground. The Pajero Outdoor is 4,745 mm long, 1,815 mm wide, 1,840 mm high with rack, 2,800 mm axes.

The Mitsubishi Pajero Outdoor is built on the cab on chassis concept, and has 20 reinforced stitches in its structure, resulting in more enjoyable, quiet and comfortable trips. The chassis consists of box type type struts with high torsional and flexural strength, capable of facing the biggest off-road challenges. The ryde dynamics suspension is sturdy and comfortable in all situations.


The Pajero is equipped with the latest in security. The booth has the RISE system of programmed deformation. The steering column, pedal and the internal rearview mirror are collapsible and this SUV also has side protection bars.

The brake system has 4-ABS technology with EBD and BAS, which electronically distributes the braking force on each wheel, keeping the vehicle on a correct and safe trajectory even in brake use limits.

Exclusive Finish

Style and beauty are present in every detail of the Pajero Outdoor. For access to the vehicle, the keyless system facilitates the locking and unlocking of the doors. The model has an optical assembly integrated to the bumper with mist lights with frame in graphite color. Frames on the front and rear wheel housings preserve body and paint in extreme situations.

With two gas shock absorbers, the opening of the back cover is made without difficulties. The rear-view mirrors are electronically foldaway and the door handles are chrome-finished. Strategically positioned footrests facilitate access to the vehicle.

Pajero HPE

The HPE version also gained news in the 2017 version. The Frontside front has bold and harmonic design, Efficient Off-Road grille integrated into the optical assembly that receives HID xenon headlamps with automatic height adjustment and washer. In addition, the Pajero HPE is equipped with the modern LED DRL, which makes the look even more daring and ensures safety to rotate during the day. The fog lights are integrated into the bumper and the Power Design wheels are 17-inch light alloy wheels. The mirrors have electric folding with chromed cover and LED arrow light.

This SUV comfortably carries the entire family with plenty of room for up to seven occupants and is available in both flex and diesel engine versions.

The Pajero HPE is a complete vehicle equipped with multimedia system, seats with leather with electric adjustment in the front, power steering with Paddle Shifters in Titanium Style, rain sensor and automatic lighting of the headlights, automatic air-conditioning, keyless system for opening and door mirrors, electric rearview mirrors, and the Full Airbags system, with eight airbags: two front, two side and four curtain airbags.

Another item that catches the eye are the 17-inch Power Design alloy wheels, now with a more sophisticated diamond finish and with 265 / 65R17 tires. The vehicle comes with Power Touch multimedia system, GPS, CD, DVD and MP3 Player and Bluetooth with speakerphone, rear camera with the images being displayed on the 7-inch screen and parking sensor.


Mitsubishi Pajero Outdoor has a three-year warranty and is available in seven colors: Cool Silver, Rhodium Silver, London Gray, Cocoa Brown, Blue Oil, Fuji Bank and Black Onix. .

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The epitome of the rise and fall of American muscle car, Pontiac GT

In 1956, Semon Knudsen became the general manager of Pontiac. The brand has been spit out by the people of the United States: “It will only produce factories that are slow and noisy in the middle-age crisis car.Pontiac urgently needs to change the brand image to attract more young consumers. To this end, the company also recruited engineers John Z. De Lorean and Elliott “Pete” Estes.By 1961, with the constant efforts of Knudsen, consumers’ impression of Pontiac gradually changed. Therefore, he was promoted by GM as the general manager of the Chevrolet brand. Instead of leading pontiac gto muscle car vehicle cover, Elliott “Pete” Estes. Subsequently, Pontiac Tempest was released.The launch of Tempest has once again refreshed Pontiac’s brand image, and the new car is equipped with a new gearbox and the Trophy 4 four-cylinder 326ci engine. With this Dongfeng, Pontiac started the next new car plan. In 1964, Pontiac met rivals: Oldsmobile Oldsmobile and Plymouth Plymouth. DeLorean, then the chief engineer of Pontiac, proposed to push a more powerful engine into the Tempest to win customers.After obtaining the consent of the boss Estes, DeLorean started his “secret” plan. Engineers Bill Collins and Russ Gee chose Bonneville and Catalina “opening” with the Trophy 8 engine to load their V8 engines onto the Tempest LeMans.  Fortunately, the transplant project does not require a major change, and DeLorean has given it the new name “GTO”, a name inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO.  The trio submitted the new car plan that was drummed out to GM and waited for the approval of the boss.However, the GTO was not born very well: Pontiac’s parent company, General Motors General, stipulated that the A-body model should not use engines above 330 ci. It is obvious that the new car is “seriously exceeded” and other general executives except Estes I don’t know the GTO plan.But the witty Estes immediately discovered a loophole in the company’s policy, which is not applicable to the “optional package” model!In order to dispel the concerns of the bosses, DeLorean contacted Jim Wangers, VP of Marketing at Pontiac, and asked him to plan a series of promotional programs for young consumers. 389ci V8 engine, original 325 horsepower, 428 lbs/ft of torque, dual exhaust… Standard 3-speed manual and optional 2-speed automatic and 4-speed manual transmission, exclusive GTO decoration Accessories are the “killer” that attracts young people!

1970 Pontiac GTO

In the 1960s, Americans began to pursue American sports cars with large displacement and high horsepower, also known as muscle cars. In order to meet this demand, Pontiac launched the GTO sports car in 1964. It is equipped with a large displacement V8 engine and has muscle-like body lines and superhuman speed. It is considered to be the first true sense. Muscle Car. GTO is derived from Italian and means a high-powered sports car. Compared with the similar cars of the time, the size of the GTO car can only be considered medium, but the lighter total mass makes it overcome the shortcomings of other large muscle car acceleration, which is one of the secrets of its great success in the market.

American high handsome Fu driving car? Pontiac GTO sports car

In the 1960s , Americans began to pursue American sports cars with large displacement and high horsepower, which is also a muscle car. In order to meet this demand, Pontiac in 1964 ( Pontiac is one of the brands of General Motors of the United States, also known as Pontiac in China, its predecessor was the Auckland Motor Company in 1907 , changed to Pang in 1931. Diya Ke. 2009 in 4 Yue 29 , GM announced cut Pontiac brand, has a 102 -year-old Pontiac disappear. this brand in 2010 in 10 Yue 31 Ri collapse. ) introduced the GTO The sports car, which is equipped with a large displacement V8 engine, and has muscle-like body lines and superhuman speed, is considered to be the first true muscle car. Pontiac logo The word GTO is derived from Italian and means a high-powered sports car. Compared with the similar cars of the time, the size of the GTO car can only be considered medium, but the lighter total mass makes it overcome the shortcomings of the slow acceleration of other large muscle cars, which is really eye-catching, which is also in the market. One of the secrets of great success.

1964 Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO was given life in 1963 and was listed as a 1964 model. It is known in the history of high-performance cars as the most classic muscle car (a luxury, high-performance car). And there are many well-known pronouns, such as ” The Legend ” and ” The Great One “.

 1965 Pontiac GTO

Before 1964 , high-performance cars were full-size hard-top cars and cars, which were characterized by an engine with a large displacement. But the fanatics at the time still knew that to make the car run faster, the big engine had to be smaller and the body had to be lighter, so some players would modify the engine and other parts in their garage. The replacement of the engine is one of the most standard operating procedures. Until October 1963 , the dreams of these fans finally became a reality. Pontiac launched the GTO accessory kit for $ 295.90 , RPO W62 , which was silently added to the 1964 Pontiac Tempest/LeMans model. Inside the list of options. The heart of the original GTO kit is the 325- horsepower 380- cubic-inch displacement V8 engine, the Carter 4- throat carburetor, the rear-wheel drive, the hydraulic camshaft, and the most color-torque output. Other equipment includes a manual 3 -speed transmission, heavy-duty clutch, heavy-duty suspension and dual exhaust pipes, US Royal red tires, 3.23:1 rear axle ratio, twin-engine air intake, and GTO badge!

1966 Pontiac GTO

The 1964 Pontiac GTO features a large V-8 engine and the same size as the Pontiac LeMans midsize car. It not only sets new standards for road load capacity, but also creates a new market segment, namely There are still many “muscle cars” that still have fans.

Need for Speed ​​OL American Muscle Car Pontiac GTO and FireBird Introduction.

Need for Speed ​​OL was the golden age of American muscle cars in the 1960s and 1970s. The most important representatives are Pontiac GTO and FireBird. Today, this article is brought to you, mainly introducing Pontiac. The characteristics of the model, let’s take a look at it.In the 1960s and 1970s, the golden age of American muscle cars came. The three major American brands (Ford, GM and Chrysler) competed for dominance and launched a car industry competition with the high horsepower V8 engine as the source of power. From the competition, these muscle cars have plenty of horsepower and good performance, at least on the straight track.During this period, the Pontiac GTO, the Dodge Challenger, and the Ford Mustang, which are known as the first muscle car, stood out, while other muscle cars, Plymouth Hemi Cuda, and Pontiac Trans AM were equally fascinating. These muscle cars with fierce shapes have shined in the era, but due to the oil crisis, their rise and fall are only ten years, which is embarrassing. Today, the main character we want to say, Pontiac, is not a representative of the American muscle car. Now when people mention the term American muscle car, fans will think more about Chevrolet Camaro. , Sylvie is also good), Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. Among them, Comalo’s brother model is Pontiac’s Trans AM. Pontiac’s position in the muscular era was still very high. The classic model has GTO (the classic model that Pontiac re-enacted in 2004) And Firebird.

Pontiac GTO advocates a smooth driving experience, a large body design, a muscular body and ample power. In order to meet the needs of Americans in pursuit of large displacement and high-powered sports cars, Pontiac launched the GTO sports car in 1964, which is equipped with a large displacement V8 engine, and has muscle-like body lines and superhuman speed. It is considered to be the first muscle car in the true sense. As a muscle car, his block is not large in the muscle car, but its light weight, also overcomes the shortcomings of the muscle car generally slow, which is why people can remember GTO. The GTO in the game is divided into 1965 (B grade) and 2005 (S grade). The 1965 GTO is very easy to get for every player. The wide body, black cool appearance, huge headlights, domineering shape, GTO is a very eye-catching car. The 2005 GTO is an S-class vehicle, and there is still no way to obtain it.The flamingo was launched by Pontiac in the 1970s. As an important brand branch of Pontiac, it can be said to occupy a considerable weight. His exaggerated design was once for every boy. The ultimate dream, if you can drive such a convertible on the street in that era, the wind is unmatched. There is an abstract bird at the rear of the flamingo, which also symbolizes the enthusiasm of fire and the vision of foresight.

In the game, FireBird is divided into Trans AM 1977 and Formula 1978 (both A-class). The 78 Firebirds can be obtained by upgrading the A-class vehicle gold package. The first time you see this car is long. The flamingo’s body is very long, and it is matched with the cool tail of the vehicle and the strange lights. The 78 Firebirds in the game performed very well, fast and feel good. It is a very good A-class vehicle, and due to the upgrade award, the current market price of Firebird is also reasonable. It is highly recommended that players start Ponty. Yake Firebird Formula 1978.It is a pity that Pontiac’s glory is not lasting. The sports car Solstice, which was produced in the early 21st century, failed to save his fate. In the world financial crisis, in 2009, General Motors announced the closure of the Pontiac brand. In 2010, Pontiac officially ceased production and withdrew from the historical stage. Pontiac, with a long history, failed to escape the time. The glory and decline of Pontiac is as fleeting as the muscle age. After all, he was eliminated, but I am more willing to believe that he has eliminated time.

A century of legendary American muscle car business history!

whenever the American sports car is mentioned, almost everyone will reflexively think of Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. These three cars seem to have become synonymous with American muscle cars and become masterpieces. In fact, the muscle car at the beginning refers to the American sports car with a tough appearance and matched with a large displacement high-powered engine in the 1960s and 1970s. However, with the increasingly stringent emission regulations and the outbreak of the oil crisis in the 1970s, the traditional sense of muscle cars gradually faded out of sight. At the beginning of this century, the re-return of the pony car, such as Comalo, Mustang and Challenger, began to get used to using the muscle car to call the US high-performance coupe.The muscle car culture has left a deep imprint on the American car culture. Many American car companies, including Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge, have introduced many muscle cars. However, the truth has found an interesting thing. Compared with these well-known car companies, Pontiac, who used to be the king of muscle cars, is little known. Although the Pontiac brand has long since passed away, it has always left a strong color in the muscle car culture. Today, I will take you on a tour of the history of the rise and fall of this century-old car company.

In 1907, at the same time as the first Pontiac car was born, an unknown American Edward Murphy founded the Auckland Motor Company of the same name in Oakland County. In 1908, the Auckland Motor Company and the Pontiac Light Carriage Company were formally merged and, after the merger, operated together in Pontiac. Less than two years after the operation, the Auckland Motor Company was acquired by GM for 50% of the shares, but the good times did not last long, Edward Murphy, who just wanted to make a difference, died unexpectedly, and the “failed” GM acquired the remaining 50. % of shares. From here, Auckland Motors has officially become one of GM’s many car brands.

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